Tuesday, 9 February 2016

An exciting parcel.

Several times in the past I've bought Sylvanian Families figures that didn't come with clothes. When that happens I order replacements from "Grandma's Originals" (http://grandmasoriginals.co.uk)

Recently I had an extra Timbertop adult that I decided to dress as Nanny Timbertop. 

Nanny is a rare vintage figure from the mid 1990s. 

Anyway I ordered Nanny's outfit & it arrived today! 
I know it's not exactly the same, that is intentional as this isn't a genuine Nanny figure. I've decided to call her Nanny Faux Timbertop, she will be the carer for any little orphans in Slydale Hollow. 

In the same parcel I ordered several other spare dresses, including a new dress for Mrs. Murdoch. I love the hat (which I ordered specially). 

Here is what else I ordered: 
A spare dress for a bear, 3 baby dresses, 2 baby jumpsuits. So cute! 


  1. These dresses are lovely and they fit them perfectly. Nanny´s outfit is so cute and Mrs. Murdoch looks adorable in that dress with matching hat.

  2. Love these dresses. Where did you order them from? The hat is especially sweet too. I just bought a nanny Timbertop in a 80s job lot on ebay from uk. Dressed just like your above pic. I thought Nanny T was supposed to have a cap too, but mine didn't come with one either.

    1. These dresses were a special order from Grandma's Orginals (http://grandmasoriginals.co.uk)
      She has a great range of clothes ready made is very good with special orders. :)

  3. thanks for the nice link with clothes!