Sunday, 19 June 2016

A new home for Cliff & Pearl & a surprise for Crystal

Pearl Babblebrook was curious & a bit put out, there had bit a lot of workmen coming & going in the last few days but no one would tell HER what was going on! She couldn't stand it any longer! She went to find Cliff, who she had seen sneaking off into the garden. Pearl caught him standing outside the old stables 

"Cliff what are you doing out here? And what in Sylvania is going on around here?"

Cliff opened the stable doors "This is what has been going on. What do you think?"

"What do I think of what? A smelly old stable?... OH"
Inside the stable was clean, fresh & someone had turned it into a sleep out room. 

"I figured with all the new babies in the main house we would get more peace & privacy out here." Said Cliff

"It's lovely Cliff, but it's just a bedroom. There's no kitchen in here? We will still have to go up to the main house to eat & wash."

"Yes, my love. But it means that we will still have many opportunities to help Rocky & Crystal with the children, & Crystal has assured me she is quite happy to keep cooking for us."

Meanwhile at the main house...

"I wonder how mother is taking the news?" Said Rocky
"She won't be happy that it doesn't have a kitchenette. But we couldn't let your poor father suffer like that!" Said Crystal 

(Pearl Babblebrook is the worse cook, but unfortunately she likes her own creations & doesn't understand what the fuss is about) 

"I'm sure they will be fine. We will see them at dinner time. Speaking of dinner, there's something I should tell you Crystal..." Said Rocky as they entered the house

"Oh my, Rocky how did you manage to hide this from me!!" Shouted Crystal 

"A brand new kitchen! And it's so much bigger than the old one!" By this stage Crystal was nearly crying with surprise & joy. 

"You deserve it my darling. We now have 5 children, my parents & the 2 of us living here, yet you never complain about how much work it all is. I figured the least I could do is give you a new kitchen that would make your life a little easier." Said Rocky as he embraced his wife

Now let's go & sit in our new sun lounge while we still have a quiet moment. 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Babies! Babies, everywhere!!!

Recently a lot of my favourite families have new additions! 

A lovely fellow collector sent me a spare vintage Babblebrook baby as a surprise in a trade parcel, I already had Coral & Sandy, it took me a while to figure out who this little guy would be. Then I remembered "Baby Timmy" (from the Nanny Timbertop set) 
While the official Timmy was a sitting baby, I don't mind having him as a standing baby. 
So Rocky, Crystal, Bubba, Breezy, Coral & Sandy now welcome Baby Timmy. 

The Huntingtons have 2 very unexpected arrivals! I never thought I would be able to buy these babies (they are usually way out of my price range). Also Grandma Huntington has come to Slydale Hollow to help with the new babies. 

Due to May's medical condition the Murdoch Jrs knew they could never have their own children & have decided to adopt. Baby Jason Osbourne-Murdoch is very happy to have a new home & parents. 

And last but not least the Slydales, first family to move to the Hollow have welcomed their own new baby Skitter. Scarlet & Buster are thrilled to have a baby brother to show off.