Thursday, 31 March 2016

Giveaway Winner

We have a winner!!! (random draw)

I will post this on the Sylvanian forum & will be contacting the winner via email as well to arrange shipping. Thank you to those who participated, it was lovely reading your entries. 


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Harvester Restaurant

It was an exciting day in Slydale Hollow, the Harvester Restaurant was finally going to open its doors! 

Pinot & Chardonnay Champagne had been working very hard to get everything set up. 

And now it was ready! 

Chardonnay did the finishing touches & then it was time for the first customers! 

Dr. Murdoch & his wife had been looking forward to a night out of fine dining for quite a while. 

And excellent Sylvanian wine

Pinot received the first phone booking! 
"Auntie Mabel Hello! Yes, we opened today. Oh that's excellent that you are coming to Slydale Hollow! Yes, I can book a table for two weeks time. For HOW MANY? Um Auntie Mabel we can only seat 4 people at the moment... Ah ok, I'll see what I can do... Don't worry, don't worry we will make it work. Yes it will be lovely to see you too. I must go now, there are some customers waiting. Bye."

Mr. Huntington & Miles walked in the door. 

"Evening Otto, what can I do for you?" Asked Pinot,
"Mother Ursula had a very busy day & I feel she deserves something a bit special, can we see the take away menu please?" 

During closing time clean up Pinot finally had a chance to tell Chardonnay about the phone call from his Auntie Mabel Periwinkle. 
"Char, Auntie Mabel wants to book a table for 9, how in Sylvania are we going to do this?" 
"Mm I have an idea of how we could make it work, but I'll have to ring Herb Wildwood. He is excellent at party organisation & will know where we can hire chairs & how to fit everyone in. We will make it happen." replied Chardonnay 

Two weeks later (the evening after Mack & Mabel arrived in Slydale Hollow) 
Pinot was waiting outside to greet the special guests. 
"Auntie Mabel, Uncle Mack it's been such a long time since we have seen you. I trust you had a good trip here?"

"Oh yes Pinot my boy, we had quite an interesting 'trip'. Especially Mabel!" Laughed Mack, to which Mabel just replied "Hmph"
"Come in the tables are all ready for you" called Chardonnay 

Last to arrive were the Evergreens & Mr Gus Timbertop

"Gus, when did you arrive?" Ernest exclaimed

"No long ago, but I've been so busy with my son & his family I haven't had the chance to see anyone else!" Replied Gus

"Well let's go inside & see the others!" Said Primrose

"Well this looks cozy!" Laughed Gus

(Next pic is to show how they managed to fit in. Just)

"Just like dinner with the children, hey Gus!" remarked Mack, 
"Not quite! The youngest two babies are too tiny to sit at the table. Luckily." replied Gus, "and I hear your wee granddaughter is a real sweetie." 
"She is! Definitely a sweet cutie pie" said Mabel
"She reminds me of Flora when she was little." commented Smokey Wildwood
"Flora? I think she is just like me!" replied Mabel, "Don't you think so Mack?"
"What was that, Mack?" 
"Yes, dear." said Mack, winking at Smokey

After many hours of chatting about days gone by, & comparing how many grandchildren they each had, they were all ready for a cup of tea before heading home. 

Mack & Mabel sipped their tea, looked out windows at the setting sun.. 

And thought just how blessed they were to have family & friends around them. 

(Not taken by me.) 

Then it was time for the senior citizens to head home. Leaving the Champagnes to clean up... 

"Here Char, have a cup of tea first. You definitely deserve it. Thank you for helping organise Auntie Mabel's dinner party. I couldn't have done it without you."

Monday, 28 March 2016

A couple of new residents

Since I've been collecting for a while (and mostly second hand) I've picked up a few doubles/spares of figures. I've been trying to decide what to do with them, & today I did it. I decided to dress them in different clothes, change names & make them part of the extended families! So without further adieu I give you:

If you've read my first residents post you would already have meet Peter Potter, next to him is Lily Bobtail (née Babblebrook) & Benjamin Windward
I've made up all these names (those who have seen the latest Peter Rabbit cartoon, will recognise them). 

Lily is Rocky Babblebrook's younger sister. She & her daughter will be visiting Slydale Hollow from time to time. 

Benjamin is Ginger Wildwood's older brother. He is a single father with a teenaged son. 

Peter Potter is Nurse Emily Nightingale's twin brother. Unmarried, he enjoys living a relatively carefree lifestyle. He travels quite a bit & when in the mood writes about his travels. He believes that one day he will settle down & start his own travel agency, but not yet he is having too much fun exploring the world! 

And those are the newest residents in our part of Sylvania! 
Now just for the fun & cuteness here are couple more pictures to enjoy! 

Coral & Sandy Babblebrook playing hide & seek

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Trade parcel from "theratpack"

I was very excited to receive the trade parcel from fellow forum member " theratpack". 

The baby Timbertop bear, green stool, & black stove were what I was trading for. The bowl, plants, bottle,marshmallows on sticks,rolling pin & flamingo were extra! I love them! 

Mrs Rose Timbertop is happy to have both her babies home!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

A bonus for the canal boat giveaway

I recently had to order an accessory pack from the Sylvanian Store in London, so I ordered an extra pack for the canal boat giveaway. 

So who ever wins will have a little extra to work with in the boat renovation! (The boat wreck fines have any of these accessories at present) 

Remember to email your entries for the canal boat giveaway before the end of March 2016! 

On another note it is definitely worth checking with 
If you have accessories missing. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The introduction of Mack & Mabel

For our wedding anniversary this year my husband bought me the Periwinkle grandparents. They were second hand & though Mack came with his original clothes, poor Mabel needed dressing. This is the end product. 

I have a bit of a soft spot for these two now, & I picture them as a bit of a quirky, slightly eccentric couple. (A bit like myself & my husband) 

Once upon a time, on a sunny day in Sylvania...

"Why on earth did I let you talk me into riding right up the top of the bus! It's so windy & im sure I'll catch my death of cold!" Said Mabel Periwinkle 

"Mabel, dearest, you said you couldn't stand the noise of all those children on the lower level. You practically begged me to help you up here! Remember?!" Replied Mack. 

"Did I?" Said Mabel 

Mack sighed. Sometimes Mabel was a bit difficult & changed her mind often, but he loved her anyway. There were so many times that Mabel was a caring, patient soul, that when she did have a difficult mood it didn't matter so much. 

Meanwhile at the new Slydale Hollow bus stop...

Smokey & Flora Wildwood, and Cliff & Pearl Babblebrook were waiting for the Periwinkles arrival. 

They hadn't seen Mack & Mabel in years, & had planned to get all the "senior" citizens of Slydale Hollow together for a welcome drink down at the Harvester Restaurant. Smokey Wildwood was especially excited as Manel was his cousin & he had very few older relations left (as can happen when you grow older).  As they were waiting Alex Periwinkle & his family came walking up

"So Alex are you excited about your parents coming to stay?" Asked Pearl Babblebrook 

"Yes, both Katie & I are really looking forward to it. This will be the first time they meet little Isobel" replied Alex
"It would also be good to have someone to watch the children & give us the chance to spend time together." Remarked Katie. 

"You do look like you need a bit of a break Katie, would you like me to take the children to the playground while we wait." asked Flora Wildwood

"Flora, that would be lovely. But don't you get worn out be around children all the time? You live with your son Herb & his family don't you?" 

"Katie, don't you worry your pretty head about me. I enjoy being around young children, & my daughter in law Ginger makes sure I don't have to do too much at home."
And with that Flora took the off to play. 

"Thanks heaps for coming Uncle Smokey. I'm sure Mother will be pleased to see you when she arrives." 

"No worries, Alex. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I haven't seen cousin Mabel in way too long. Plus I have a feeling Mack will need a bit of a break from her after the long bus ride" chuckled Smokey 

"I think I can see them! I can see the bus!! Yay!" Cried Rebecca from the top of the playground 

Everybody waited for the first glimpse of the bus. 

It was here! The first official bus trip to Slydale Hollow! Mack & Mabel could see their friends & relations waiting for them. The Babblebrooks were so excited they had to sit down! 

"Now Mabel, my dear, let me go down first so I can help you down those steps"

"Of course I will Mack, I don't fancy tumbling down them"

"Mother! Father! What on earth possessed you to sit at the top of the bus!!" Cried Alex

"The view, of course" replied Mack with a wink 

"Here, Mrs. Periwinkle allow me to help you down." Said Stan the bus driver, " I have experience get up & down these steps."

"Why yes of course" said Mabel, but as soon as the words were out of her mouth she slipped, & luckily Driver Stan caught her. 

"Oh my, oh my, oh my" muttered Mabel as Mack & Katie led her to the bench. 

Mabel promptly lay down on the bench & puffed & panted like she was going into hysterics. But just then a little face appeared right next to hers. 
"I kiss it. I make it better Granny!" 
It was Baby Isobel, Mabel's newest grandchild. Mabel cheered up immediately. 

"Come along Mabel, you've had worse slips than that." said the familiar voice of her cousin Smokey. "Remember when we were children & you used to climb the apple trees in your father orchard..."

"Are you talking about the time Mabel ended catching her skirt on a branch, then slipped & you left her hanging there!" Said Mack
"I had to go get help, & if I remember correctly you were too busy rolling around laughing!" Replied Smokey

Mack & Mabel spent the rest of the day reminiscing about younger years, & getting to know their grandchildren better. 

And now here they are. The Periwinkle rabbits.