Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Old Mill

I'm going to start writing some small pieces about the houses & shops we have here in Slydale Hollow. First up we have "The Old Mill", a windmill converted into a lovely home. 
It has three rooms kitchen, lounge & bedroom. 

I've just recently finished furnishing this building, & I think the residents will be very pleased! 

Emma & Kenneth Furbanks live in the mill with their 2 adopted sons Ambrose & Alfie. 

Sometimes Emma wonders if living in windmill is such a good idea with two young adventurous boys, especially when they love to climb so much!

I remember her telling me about the day she came outside to find them both playing with the winch that is attached to the top of the mill... 

Poor Emma was so beside herself she didn't know what to do. Luckily Kenneth had the ladder handy! 

First he caught cheeky Ambrose,

Then up another ladder to get Alfie! 

Then into the mill to comfort poor Emma, with the boys promising never to do that again! 


  1. Soooo adorable story! Thanks! The Old Mill is my favorite building and I have there part of my green furniture and Brambles (but squirrel family suits better :D)

    1. The Mill is very much a family favourite here! I think the Brambles look great in it too (I nearly gave it too them, but I couldn't resist putting them in Bramble cottage!)

    2. Really nice!I love the Old Mill and the furniture suits it perfect,I love the kitchen!How cute the babies playing with the winch.