Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Butler-Bearburys

Introducing the Bearbury family. 

A very new addition to Slydale Hollow, they bring with them a necessary service to the valley, a bus! Now when the residents want to travel to the larger towns & city they don't need to hire a car or organise a ride with someone else. Also Mayor Timbertop has high hopes that the new bus service will bring visitors to appreciate the quiet of the Hollow. 

The members of the Bearbury family are
Stan, father & bus driver
Olive, mother & conductor/ticket sales
Owen, son & cheeky, active boy who thinks travel around Sylvania on a bus is the best life! 
Baby Olivia, who loves sitting up front between her Dad & Mum, & watching the world go by. 

(The original last name for the bus driver & conductor was Butler, but I prefer the "Bear bury" name given to the original figures released in this grey) 


  1. I love that bus!!! A great addition to your village.

  2. You're lucky the Bearburys came to your village! I'm sure all the residents are happy to have a bus to travel.