Friday, 22 January 2016

DIY Sofa or Bed

First up you will need: 

Cardboard (light, like from a cereal packet or biscuit box)

5 small boxes (matchboxes or tictacs)

Cottonballs (I used 13)

Glue or needle & thread

Cotton of choice. 


There are 2 ways to make this, you can either glue or sew it depending on what you find easiest. 

To start you need to glue 3 of the small boxes together 
This forms the seat or your sofa, or the base of your bed.  (I am making a sofa here)

Next measure your cardboard 

For sofa measure length of boxes 

For bed measure width of boxes

You can make the sofa back or bed head any shape you like, for this one I'm doing a simple arch shape. 

Then glue at least 2 cotton balls on each small box. 

Glue cotton balls on your cardboard (leaving a space at the bottom to attach to small boxes). 

Measure cotton material for sofa seat/bed base. It should be enough to wrap around tightly with a small extra for seam. 

Glue or sew onto base. 

(Note: this one is glued, here is where I ran out of glue. Remember to check that you have enough glue to start with. From now I am sewing this sofa). 

Remember to fold all seam edges in when you sew or glue. 

Now base is finished. Glue or sew material to sofa back/bed head. 

It is best to have the seam at the top, so you can shape it properly. 

(Although I've sewn this you can glue it.) 

Now time to attach the base. 

For sofa sew/glue together along length 

For bed sew/glue together along width

(Picture is of sofa). 

This is last step for the bed, continue on for sofa. 

Cover (sew or glue) the last 2 small boxes with material separately 

Then sew or glue 1 box on either end of sofa. 

First side done. 

All finished! 

With adult & child for size comparison 

It's a lot bigger than I was expecting. 

It's quite a bit bigger than one made with matchboxes. 

All done! Thanks for reading. 

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