Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sylvanian Baby Christmas Ornament

Today I also received a parcel from Castorfiber, A Sylvanian Baby Christmas Ornament (we had several Christmas trades on our forum this year)

In this parcel not only was there a baby ornament, several miniatures to go in my Sylvanian houses, but also some beautiful crochet items, ornament & a couple of wooden carved ornaments for the Christmas tree.
I also received some yummy lollies/sweeties/candy & chocolates!
I love the Christmas Cards too!

The beautiful angel baby in our tree.

a Christmas Celebration parcel!

This arrived today, I knew it would be different to any other parcels I've received this year!

Beautifully individually wrapped presents & a Saint Nicholas Chocolate letter!

(It's been so hot here in Australia our letter melted!)

First some tiny "ear bows" (keep an eye out for these later!)

A lovely decorated tree, a Christmas card with baubles on the front, a porcelain teaset,
a Sylvanian Families miniatures/keychain making set, & a SANTA BEAR!

The Wildwoods love a good party, & a Christmas party is special!

A big thank you to Bloem who sent me this (all the way from the Netherlands!)

The Wildwoods & I love it!!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Custom characters

Recently I attempted to paint some factory seconds Sheep, here are the results.
As you can see some of the paint ended up where it wasn't supposed to be, & some sheep did end up with smudges on them.
Unfortunately being factory second they had some patches of flocking missing.
The adults & one baby I painted with watercolour paint straight from it's tube, but the child & other baby I took apart & painted with watercolour paint that was slightly watered down, they turned out much better in that there were less smudges, it was easier stay within the lines, & their flocking stayed softer,  but due to the paint being watered down they needed more layers & still didn't end up quite as dark as the one painted with undiluted paint.
I don't mind the end result, live sheep often have colour spot "blemishes" anyway, so they are still realistic enough for me!

Here is the link for the tutorial I read before attempting any painting customs: 


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Newest fashions

Newest fashion in Slydale Hollow 

I especially love Mrs DeBurg's dress

Saturday, 19 November 2016

More crochet

Today I tried a new size & style of crocheted outfit. I'm quite pleased with it 

I find crocheting quite relaxing, & I enjoy being able to sit, relax & be productive! 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Just lately I've learnt to crochet. Here are some of my creations 

Here are my first 2 attempts. 

Getting much better! 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Introducing: the Neptune family of Neptune Island Lighthouse.

Welcome to the Neptune family!

Father Caspian Neptune spends as much time as he can with his family swimming in the sea even during those cold, windswept winter days. After a refreshing swim he enjoys a long walk along the beach looking for 'treasure' - strange bits and pieces the sea has washed up on the golden sands. Caspian has quite a large 'treasure' trove displayed around the family home.

Mother Narrisa Neptune likes everything neat and tidy in her family home and her husband and daughter's 'treasure' collection makes for a lot of extra dusting and cleaning! Narrisa has decided this is a small price to pay for all the family time together on the beach.

Sister Shelly Neptune is a beachcomber like her father. Her love is sea shells of all shapes and sizes. The shell colours are so bright and shiny when they are wet but so dull by the time she has carried them home. So with the help of her father, they varnish the shells to bring out the bright colours, before adding them to her vast shell collection.

Baby Sister Sandy Neptune loves building and knocking down sandcastles and like the rest of her family is also a beach collector, she collects sand! In her clothes, in her hair, between her toes, everywhere!

(biographies from: www.sylvanianstorekeepers.com)

The Neptunes quite enjoy their lifestyle, living on a secluded island as Lighthouse keepers.

It gives lots of time for family

and hobbies

although there is often a bit work to be done

there is also much time to enjoy life.

While this is the newest family to join us here, I've had the idea to put them in the Lighthouse for quite some time. So I'm going to say, story-wise they have been living in the area for a long time, but are so secluded that many don't know that they are there.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Dr. Theodore Murdoch Jr (Teddy to his friends) was on his way to work. It was a lovely bright spring morning so he decided to walk to the hospital, where he would prepare himself to do his clinical home visits.

As he was about to enter the hospital he noticed Thomas Nightingale, the ambulance driver, & called out his greetings. Teddy & Thomas had met in medical school as first year students, & it had been Thomas that first told Teddy about the need for a doctor in Slydale Hollow.

As Teddy walked inside he smiled at the bustle of activity from the 2 nurses. Emily Nightingale & her Aunt Emily (whom they called "Matron" as she was the most senior staffer & it made telling them apart easier) were both busily setting up the small hospital for whatever the day might bring. Matron was also packing the medical bag Teddy would be taking on his rounds, Matron had been working in small communities like Slydale Hollow so long she knew exactly what would be needed. Teddy trusted her judgment completely, after all it was Matron who taught him most of what he knew now.  

Suddenly Teddy was reminded of a day, so very similar to this one... a very special day...

The day he had met his lovely wife May...

Teddy's reminiscing was cut short by Matron handing him the medical bag & shooing him on his way.

As Teddy set off for his first patient's house his mind wandered back to the first time he ever saw May...

It was a beautiful day & he was in his first year internship. (for those who are unfamiliar with the word it means when a doctor in training is learning at a hospital or clinic & working with real people)

He was running late, & as he opened the door to the small country hospital where Matron was teaching him the skills he needed to become a qualified doctor, the scene that met him was not exactly what he expected. The ambulance had just arrived with an emergency, Matron looked at Teddy & said in a sarcastic tone "So glad you could join us Dr Murdoch, we will be needed all hands on deck for this case."
Teddy fully intended to rush over & help, but as Thomas & Matron unloaded the patient from the ambulance Teddy's eyes saw the most beautiful, sweetest face. Even through all the masks & tubes this lady was stunning to Teddy. For some unknown reason he could not move, he felt totally stunned & could do nothing but watch as Matron & Thomas the paramedic transferred & began stabilising the patient. All of a sudden Matron's crisp voice cut through Teddy's stunned daze "Doctor Murdoch, if you wouldn't mind helping over here, I'm sure Mr. Nightingale has other duties to attend to!"

Teddy rushed over, "What do I... I..."
"You check her blood pressure while I set up the drip, monitor her oxygen & listen to her heart rate" replied Matron
Thomas came to check on the patient, "I've restocked & repacked the ambulance. I am supposed to go & do a patient transfer, but if I'm needed here the transfer can wait."
Matron smiled, "You can be on your way Thomas, the doctor is here now. He will help me stabilise Miss May properly."
Teddy couldn't help but notice the wink Matron gave to Thomas.
Thomas smiled & wished him good luck (with Matron) before turning to leave.  
Matron turned to the patient & started teaching Teddy about what was wrong with May & how intensive & long term her treatment would be.

After such a rocky start to his career, Teddy was determined to do his best for May, especially as her condition was going to be lifelong & something that would require constant care.  Being such a small hospital Teddy could devote a lot of time to May, & in the months that she was under his care they came to know each other quite well.

Matron would often smile when she saw Teddy at May's bedside, she was very proud of the doctor he was becoming & she was pleased that May had someone who was dedicated to her.

On the day that May was to go home, Teddy bought her some farewell flowers, he was going to miss her. As he was handing them to her, he had the wildest, craziest, brightest, idea! He should ask her to go out with him! After all they had become good friends while she was in hospital... He blurted out "Miss May, I love you, & I want to take you to dinner... Always!" 

All of a sudden he realised what exactly he had said! Oh my goodness, what must she think!

May got up & walked over to Teddy, "Dr Murdoch... Teddy, I would love to dine with you." she smiled as he handed her the flowers.

Giddy with excitement, Teddy took her in his arms & kissed her...

Dr. Murdoch had been so caught up in his reminiscing that he had totally forgotten about his clinical home visits, but as he drew close to his first stop he was glad to start the day with such happy memories.

Mable Periwinkle was waiting out the front of her house "Doctor! You are finally here! I thought maybe you had forgotten that today was our home visit! It's been such a long time since we had our check ups & Mack is always complaining about his health...."
"Mable, don't you go telling the doctor such tall tales!" called a voice from inside

Teddy just smiled as he entered the house...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

In Memory

In loving memory of our cat Tinuviel. Gone for 2 years & missed every day. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

DIY hooded shawl/cloak


the rectangule piece should be 10cm long x about 4cm wide. 
The "L" shape is 10cm (from corner to tip) on the outside & 4.5cm on the inside X 3cm wide. 
Those are the measurements for the child's size. If you add a couple of cm to the lengths it could end up adult size (I'll play around with it a bit to get better measurements)

Also to fit rabbit ears you could cut holes it the top, but I haven't tried that yet.

you will need:
interfacing (I find iron on interfacing best)

attach material to interfacing
Cut 1 of each piece of pattern

fold rectangle in half, sew along one side from fold down to end

pin end of seam to middle of shawl piece (the one that looks like an "L" shape)
sew pieces together

iron on interfacing will keep to material from fraying

print image to A4 for correct sizing