Friday, 29 July 2016

Spare figures & imagination.

Since I started collecting Sylvanian Families again, I've ended up with multiple copies of the same figure. Often they have a small flaw or are missing original clothing. I don't mind these issues, I'm the kind of collector that seeing a vintage damaged figure & buys it, if only to give it a loving home! (My poor May Blossom is the perfect example of this)

In a recent bulk lot I acquired another Dr. Murdoch sr, missing his white coat & accessories (as is usually the case). But since I already have Dr & Mrs Murdoch I wondered what to do with him? Not many collectors want a figure with things missing... So I decided to get creative. 

I had a Teddy Bear Story figure without clothes, & I also had a spare dress the perfect size. 
Now meet "Murcott" & "Miss Iris Honeydew" 

I don't know what the back story will be for either of these characters, but for now I'm happy they know who they are. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

DIY lighthouse conversion

Recently I bought a Field View Mill to convert to a lighthouse (at that time there wasn't a Sylvanian lighthouse). 
1. First step- take the top off the mill

There is a lovely groove which makes the conversion easier. 

2. Second step, cut a circle the size of the base of the blue observatory. 
3. Cut a straight piece approximately 11cm wide & long enough to wrap around the circle. 

4. Glue together & place on top story. Make sure it sits snuggly inside the groove. 

It's starting to take shape. 

5. Cut the style of lighthouse lantern that you want. 

Testing it to see if it works. 

6. Paint it your desired colour. 

This is my inspiration.