Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Blackberry's Supermarket

Betty Blackberry & her young baby have just moved to Slydale Hollow. 
She had been there previously to visit her cousin Kristabel Corntop, & noticed that everyone either had to grow their own food or transport it in from a long distance away. Having a owned a market stall previously with her (now estranged) husband, she knew just what was needed here! And as she was already starting again from scratch why not move away from the big city? Cousin Kristabel had begged her to stay, had said "you need a new start."

So here she was, moved away from the bustling city life & now the proud owner of the Hollows first market! Although the sign said "supermarket" it really was only a very small shop, not much more than a deli or corner shop, certainly smaller than the large market stall herself & Bob used to run...

Now that it was all set up there was only one thing missing, her daughter Ingrid. Betty & Bob had decided that Ingrid should stay with her father until Betty had everything ready. And here it was! Now just to wait for the school holidays to finish & Ingrid would be here too! Betty hoped that Ingrid would like it at Slydale Hollow.