Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ingrid's New Life

Today was the day! 
Ingrid Blackberry was all packed & her things ready to go, she was moving to Slydale Hollow to live with her mum. 
Her mum's cousin "Aunty" Kristabel Corntop was here to pick her up with a guy named Rocky Babblebrook & his daughter Breezy who was the same age as Ingrid. Rocky packed the car while Aunty Kristabel introduced the girls. 

Breezy was lots of fun to talk to, & Ingrid hoped they would become great friends! It was really good to meet someone from her new school (and the same class), before she actually went there. 

All too soon it was time to leave. Ingrid's dad Bob had said goodbye earlier that morning & had left for work well before the car arrived to pick Ingrid up. So now all Ingrid had to do was wave goodbye to her old life...

The journey seemed to take such a long time, & Ingrid wasn't used to the wide open spaces & seeming "nothingness" of the countryside, but at least Breezy was good company, she asked a few questions but mostly waited for Ingrid to start the conversations. They spent most of the journey talking about Slydale Hollow, what is was like & who lived there. Ingrid was starting to get excited to see if the town was as good as Breezy said. 

Soon Rocky pointed out some building coming up. There were coming into Slydale Hollow! Ingrid could see the small Main Street with its few shops, & all of a sudden a familiar figure stood into the doorway of the largest shop. It was Ingrid's mum Betty! As soon as the car stopped Ingrid jumped out & ran to her mum. 

They shared the biggest hug, & cried while Betty told her daughter just how happy she was to see her. 

Ingrid couldn't wait to cuddle her baby brother Eaton either, he had grown so much & was crawling all over the place! 

Just then a couple of hedgehogs peeked out from the shop next door, it was Eleanor & Abigail Bramble. The Bramble family were tailors & owned the dress shop next to Betty's general store/supermarket. Eleanor & Abigail were thrilled to meet Ingrid & told her just how much her mum had been raving about her beautiful daughter. 

Rocky & Kristabel came over & Betty could not stop thanking Rocky for all he had done. 

Meanwhile Breezy, Ingrid & Abigail were talking about how they could all get together for play dates & what are each other's favourite things to do. 

As it had already been a long day, Rocky asked Betty where she wanted all Ingrid's bags & Betty & Kristabel then arranged to have him drop the bags at the house while Ingrid checked out her mums shop, then Kristabel would walk the girls down to the cottage. 

Ingrid couldn't believe just how cool her mums new shop was. 
Breezy poked her head in the door & asked if Ingrid was ready to go to the cottage? 

So Ingrid gave her mum another hug & walked outside to where Kristabel & Breezy were waiting. 

The Blackberry's new house was on a small street called "Cottage Row". As the name suggested the street was full of quaint cottages huddled together in a row. Ingrid thought it looked gorgeous & asked which one her mum lived in. Kristabel pointed to the red roofed one in the middle & said "It's called Rose Cottage."

"I love roses, maybe Mum will let me grow some new ones here" replied Ingrid

"You know your mum, she loves growing things, so you might get your wish" said Kristabel

Suddenly the door on the cottage next to them flew open & a tiny ball of fur came tumbling out. 

"Amber! Come back here!" Called a voice inside the cottage. 
The ball of fur ran up to Ingrid & excitedly said " My names Amber, what's your name? You look like Mrs. Blackberry, but your smaller. Hello Ms Corntop what are doing here?" 

Amber's father came out & said,
"I'm really sorry, please excuse our Amber she gets a bit excited when new people come. I'm Mr. Mortimer Bramble & this my son Max." 

"I'm Ingrid Blackberry, I think I met some of your family near my mum's shop." replied Ingrid, 

"Aww, that means Abi got to meet you before me!" Said Max

Breezy laughed a little & said "Don't worry Max she's going to be in our class at school, you'll get plenty time to hang out with us all!"

While Ingrid had been meeting the neighbors, Rocky had been busy at Rose Cottage unloading all her bags & now he needed help to take them inside. Kristabel, Ingrid & Breezy all grabbed a bag & headed inside. 

They quickly had things unpacked & Rocky was ready to head to his own home. "Can Breezy stay for a little while?" Ingrid asked. 
"Sure, I'll be back later to pick her up." Rock said. 

The two girls headed up to Ingrid's new bedroom to talk about what life was like here in Slydale Hollow. 

Although this new bedroom wasn't as big as her old room - & she had to share it with her mum & baby brother - Ingrid was excited about this new life & the possible adventures she might have here with her new friends! 


  1. Aww, what a lovely story! Amber was so funny! :)

  2. Amber is so adorable! I love the hedgehogs :)

  3. Wonderful story! Slydale Hollow is a lovely sylvanian town!

  4. Really cute!!! I like the name of your baby Rabbit ;-)

    1. You did come up with such a brilliant name! ;)