Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tembo family

The Tembo Family is made up of father Timothy (known as Tem to his friends), mother Eleanor (Nellie), brother Edward (Eddie) & sister Elizabeth (Ellie) 

The Tembos come from the deepest part of the Sylvanian Forest, their village is so far away & so small it doesn't even have a post office! Tem & Nellie decided that although they love their tiny village they wanted Eddie & Ellie to be able to go to school. So Eddie & Ellie moved to Slydale Hollow (the closest village with a school). 
They stayed with the Babblebrooks & enjoyed getting to meet Breezy, Bubba & their many cousins. 

Tem & Nellie missed their cheeky children so much that after a lot of deliberations they decided to move to Slydale Hollow! At least while the children are at school. 
And though Tem & Nellie haven't been at Slydale hollow long they are making lots of friends & plan to find a way to contribute significantly to the Hollow. 

*please note I have re-named these Elephants. You can find their original names & clothing on 


  1. Very sweet and of course they would be happy in the new village.

  2. I love their clothes! The Tembos seem like a lovely family.

  3. Thanks! I'm still planning a story for them.