Friday, 2 February 2018

Cedar Terrace & Town series buildings comparison

This week I bought a second hand Cedar Terrace, a building I have been wanting for quite some time. 
I decided to compare the new Town series building to it & see how different they are. 

The first 2 floors are nearly the same height, but the 3rd/ top of the town building is slightly higher.

adding a third floor to the Town building makes it considerably higher!

Another difference I noticed is that although the Cozy/Daisy/Sycamore cottage sits perfectly on top of  2 town buildings (or the department store when it is closed over) the Cedar Terrace is actually a little wider & hangs over. I was surprised by this as the Cedar Terrace is supposed to be connectable with all the buildings that the Cozy Cottage is (I assumed they were the same base width) 


In all I'm still very happy with this building, & am now trying to decide if I want to customize/paint & decorate it. And for those wondering of the new Town series will fit in with the current collection (Beechwood Hall, Cozy Cottage, Cedar Terrace etc..) I think that they look rather good together & I cannot wait to get more of the new Town Series myself!

(by the way I forgot to take pictures, but the Town series buildings are half the room width of Cedar Terrace & Cozy Cottage. For those who were wondering.)


  1. That’s a super useful comparison, Chill! Thanks so much. I’m still not sure about the town series - I’d have to repaint them. I’m on the lookout for a Cedar Terrace this year for sure though! I’m glad the town buildings might have connectibility with the older buildings.

  2. Thanks for the comparison, I think the new town series look great. I do like to customise with a bit of wallpaper inside. Painted or not painted I think they would look fantastic.