Friday, 26 January 2018

DIY simple mini diorama.

DIY simple mini dioram

You will need:
  1. clear plastic salad bowl, 
  2. paper plates (must fit on the top of the salad bowl) 
  3. Paint (your choice of colour)

Step 1
Paint the paper plates. I painted the bottom of my paper plates green for grass & blue for water. Wait for the paint dry. 

Step 2 
Set up the mini scene however you want it (remembering to keep it within the size of the salad bowl) 

Step 3
Place the clear plastic salad bowl on top & you are done. 

You can make this a permanent display by gluing the pieces down, or keep it as a temporary display & change the items in it. 

Many collectors have issues with trying to display scenes, without collecting dust. This is a small way of having a display & protecting the figures. 

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