Thursday, 8 December 2016

Custom characters

Recently I attempted to paint some factory seconds Sheep, here are the results.
As you can see some of the paint ended up where it wasn't supposed to be, & some sheep did end up with smudges on them.
Unfortunately being factory second they had some patches of flocking missing.
The adults & one baby I painted with watercolour paint straight from it's tube, but the child & other baby I took apart & painted with watercolour paint that was slightly watered down, they turned out much better in that there were less smudges, it was easier stay within the lines, & their flocking stayed softer,  but due to the paint being watered down they needed more layers & still didn't end up quite as dark as the one painted with undiluted paint.
I don't mind the end result, live sheep often have colour spot "blemishes" anyway, so they are still realistic enough for me!

Here is the link for the tutorial I read before attempting any painting customs:


  1. Awesome Chill! So cute sheepies :3

  2. Aww, they look very cute.

  3. They look really cute indeed! I love them!

  4. Thanks all. Hopefully one day there will be official Sylvanian black or black & white sheep. :)