Tuesday, 20 December 2016

a Christmas Celebration parcel!

This arrived today, I knew it would be different to any other parcels I've received this year!

Beautifully individually wrapped presents & a Saint Nicholas Chocolate letter!

(It's been so hot here in Australia our letter melted!)

First some tiny "ear bows" (keep an eye out for these later!)

A lovely decorated tree, a Christmas card with baubles on the front, a porcelain teaset,
a Sylvanian Families miniatures/keychain making set, & a SANTA BEAR!

The Wildwoods love a good party, & a Christmas party is special!

A big thank you to Bloem who sent me this (all the way from the Netherlands!)

The Wildwoods & I love it!!

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  1. Oh wow- these items are lovely, what a great parcel- and the tree- amazing! The Wildwoods sure do look like they are enjoying the festivities :)