Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Harvester Restaurant

It was an exciting day in Slydale Hollow, the Harvester Restaurant was finally going to open its doors! 

Pinot & Chardonnay Champagne had been working very hard to get everything set up. 

And now it was ready! 

Chardonnay did the finishing touches & then it was time for the first customers! 

Dr. Murdoch & his wife had been looking forward to a night out of fine dining for quite a while. 

And excellent Sylvanian wine

Pinot received the first phone booking! 
"Auntie Mabel Hello! Yes, we opened today. Oh that's excellent that you are coming to Slydale Hollow! Yes, I can book a table for two weeks time. For HOW MANY? Um Auntie Mabel we can only seat 4 people at the moment... Ah ok, I'll see what I can do... Don't worry, don't worry we will make it work. Yes it will be lovely to see you too. I must go now, there are some customers waiting. Bye."

Mr. Huntington & Miles walked in the door. 

"Evening Otto, what can I do for you?" Asked Pinot,
"Mother Ursula had a very busy day & I feel she deserves something a bit special, can we see the take away menu please?" 

During closing time clean up Pinot finally had a chance to tell Chardonnay about the phone call from his Auntie Mabel Periwinkle. 
"Char, Auntie Mabel wants to book a table for 9, how in Sylvania are we going to do this?" 
"Mm I have an idea of how we could make it work, but I'll have to ring Herb Wildwood. He is excellent at party organisation & will know where we can hire chairs & how to fit everyone in. We will make it happen." replied Chardonnay 

Two weeks later (the evening after Mack & Mabel arrived in Slydale Hollow) 
Pinot was waiting outside to greet the special guests. 
"Auntie Mabel, Uncle Mack it's been such a long time since we have seen you. I trust you had a good trip here?"

"Oh yes Pinot my boy, we had quite an interesting 'trip'. Especially Mabel!" Laughed Mack, to which Mabel just replied "Hmph"
"Come in the tables are all ready for you" called Chardonnay 

Last to arrive were the Evergreens & Mr Gus Timbertop

"Gus, when did you arrive?" Ernest exclaimed

"No long ago, but I've been so busy with my son & his family I haven't had the chance to see anyone else!" Replied Gus

"Well let's go inside & see the others!" Said Primrose

"Well this looks cozy!" Laughed Gus

(Next pic is to show how they managed to fit in. Just)

"Just like dinner with the children, hey Gus!" remarked Mack, 
"Not quite! The youngest two babies are too tiny to sit at the table. Luckily." replied Gus, "and I hear your wee granddaughter is a real sweetie." 
"She is! Definitely a sweet cutie pie" said Mabel
"She reminds me of Flora when she was little." commented Smokey Wildwood
"Flora? I think she is just like me!" replied Mabel, "Don't you think so Mack?"
"What was that, Mack?" 
"Yes, dear." said Mack, winking at Smokey

After many hours of chatting about days gone by, & comparing how many grandchildren they each had, they were all ready for a cup of tea before heading home. 

Mack & Mabel sipped their tea, looked out windows at the setting sun.. 

And thought just how blessed they were to have family & friends around them. 

(Not taken by me.) 

Then it was time for the senior citizens to head home. Leaving the Champagnes to clean up... 

"Here Char, have a cup of tea first. You definitely deserve it. Thank you for helping organise Auntie Mabel's dinner party. I couldn't have done it without you."


  1. A story as good wonderful as the restaurant! :)

  2. I think that your restaurant looks wonderful! I have one as well but I have it in the old village store you can see it on this link bellow

  3. That was a good story. I have a Sylvanian Blog too. I hope you check it out. Here is the URL:


  4. Lovely story and restaurant!That´s the restaurant of my Sylvanian dreams. Doctor Mordoch´s wife looks stunning in that dress and the picture of the large table is great.I´m sure they all enjoyed their dinner, lovely food in good company are the perfect match.

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun playing... I mean setting this up ;)

  5. Nice to see Mack and Mabel again. :)

    Pinot and Chardonnay Champagne are a lovely couple! Very handsome! And it's nice to see everyone together enjoying a good meal. :)

    Hope the Harvester will be a big success for the Champagnes!! :))