Saturday, 5 March 2016

March Madness

Why is titled "Match Madness"? Well once you read it you will either think me crazy for doing this, or maybe yourself crazy for wanting to enter, or possibly both!! 

Now, it's freebie time!!! 

Early in 2015 I bought this canal boat with the intention of giving it a make over, or at the very least I thought I would never get hold of a better one for a decent price. 

Fast forward to later in the year & another canal boat in better condition came up for sale locally (which I then bought). And much as I love the boat I don't need 2 of them, so I am giving someone else the chance to own this "fixer upper" for free, postage paid worldwide! 

What do you need to do to enter? 

1) Be a member of

2) email me at:
With your member name & a concept art/picture idea of how you would renovate or decorate the Rose of Sylvania 2 (which is the name of this model of canal boat)

Just to be clear this canal boat is in poor condition & only people who are willing to do a DIY renovation should consider entering. (Although my main aim is to send this boat to a loving new home.) 

I will run this competition/giveaway for all of March & will notify the winner via the Sylvanian forum & this blog on April 1st. I'm quite excited to see what entries we will get!  

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I can't wait - will make up my entry right away. Will be an awesome project for whoever wins this lovely little boat.