Sunday, 25 June 2017

Australian Plangon Doll fair

Today my daughter & I went to a Doll fair, it's the second that we have gone this year & we have enjoyed both of them. This one was hosted by the Australian Plangon Doll Collectors Club (

We enjoyed it immensely! here are some photos of the exhibits & displays

Including a huge Sylvanian Families display (which I have uploaded a video of on YouTube )

(can you see my sneaky little Teddy Bear story girl in this photo)  


  1. Thanks for sharing, Chill! That Doll Fair is a great place to visit.
    I think I spotted your Teddy Bear girl story! She is wearing one of your lovely crochet dresses, am I right?

    1. She is! It was great fun, I'll post more photos of it soon.

  2. Ooooh I wish I could get the video link working- looks like great fun

  3. I can’t get the video either :( pout. Looks like it was a great day out! I’m marveling at the size of those trees in the Sylvanian diorama!