Monday, 22 May 2017

Sylvanian Town items: Designer Studio, Poodle Older sister, Blue & Green dress set

Sylvanian Town Items parcel

The items I bought from the new Japanese Sylvanian "Town" line were:
  1. The Designer Studio
  2. The Poodle Big sister
  3. The Green & Blue dress set

The Designer Studio is like a very small apartment (or part of it at least)

The box shows ways it can be stacked & displayed with the other Town buildings

There is a list of contents (I love this about the newer boxes!)

Also there are instructions on the inside flaps of the box, which even though they are in Japanese are easy to understand (for those of us who don't read Japanese)

I love how ornate this building is! Very 1800s.

It isn't as wide as other Sylvanian buildings & that does take a bit of getting used to.

Every part of this building has ornate details, the floor, the walls, the doors... every single part!

Even underneath is ornate & styled so that when stacked it can easily be used as a ceiling.

It comes with 2 removable fence pieces
which can be placed in the 4 slots

2 slots shown here.
Here is some more pictures of the ornate moldings on the building...

This piece can be placed above the doors so the fa├žade has a slightly rounded top (found in many buildings built in the 1800s)
The Designer Studio also comes with this lovely looking couch\settee. Which although it is plastic, still looks quite nice (I think they were going for a faux leather look).
There is also a coffee table, cup & saucer, plate , fork & tart, but at the time of these photo I didn't have the chance to take them out of the box. (without small children wanting to touch them)
This set also comes with the chocolate rabbit older sister, who I am going to call Peppermint (as this is the name given to the older version of the sister)

Here are the Poodle sister & dress set

I bought this dress set as I loved how it looked on the poodle sister in the short movie Epoch did of the Town (on their YouTube channel: )
The dresses are all satin & a bit stiff, but soften up quickly with a bit of fiddling.

In all I like these sets, but some people might find the shallow buildings a bit off putting & I know the satin isn't for everyone. I can barely wait to get more buildings to try out the stacking options!

In my town the poodle older sister is called Vanessa Gateau.

Veronica & Melinda  are visiting Vanessa at her Town apartment which she shares with Peppermint Chocolate.

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  1. Thanks for sharing chill! Does the sofa fit in the room in a way so that it does not block the doors?

    1. I'm working on that! It does seem to block the door if the sofa is facing you, but if it is facing the door you have more room. I think I'll take more photos soon & show how the sofa & table fit together.

  2. Wonderful review! The designer studio is a lovely building, a bit shallow,though.Thre´s no much room left as the sofa takes a big part of the building. I love all the ornate details. The Poddle sister looks lovely in her pink dress but the blue dress set you also bought is very beautiful. I didn´t like satin dresses very much at first. They didn´t really suit the woodland topic but I think they suit the new town series.

    1. Thank you!
      It is shallow & I'm still working on ways to make the furniture fit nicely.
      The other Town buildings have an extension piece for the ground floor, but not this one (I think it's designed to be on the second story mostly). The dresses are quite lovely & I'm considering getting some more, or getting the Father & Son clothing set.

  3. Thanks so much, I really enjoyed this! This is the first time I've gotten to see in depth photos of this building. The ornate molding is gorgeous. And, I was going to give the dresses a miss, but they look so nice in your photos that I am reconsidering. Congrats on your new items, everything looks wonderful.

    Turning the building into a flat for young Sylvanians who might be living on their own for the first time is a great idea. I think many of us shared a tiny flat with friends at that point in our lives. :)

    1. Thanks! After seeing some of the stock photos it just felt right to make it a share apartment!

      My next dilemma is what to buy next! My children want me to get the Department Store, but we shall see!

  4. Soon I will take more photos of the different furniture set ups that I've tried. I will also take some comparison photos with other buildings (like the starter cottage) so people get a better idea of size.

  5. What an exquisite building! Thanks for sharing the lovely details- can't tell that the sofa is plastic in the photo! Love the new dresses and the poodles look right at home :)