Sunday, 21 June 2015


The Families

Here are a few of the families who live in Slydale Hollow
The Slydale Family
Slick (father), Velvet (mother), Scarlett (daughter), Buster (son)
This was the first family to move here, & though they have been here for a long time rather than build a permanent house they prefer the freedom of their horse draw vintage caravan. they also love their cheeky pony Bramble (not pictured here)

Evergreen Family
Forrest (father), Honeysuckle (mother), Logan (eldest son), Summer (eldest daughter), Preston (younger brother), Ashley (younger sister) Baby Dusty, Baby Poppy Ernest (grandpa), Primrose (grandma)
One of the early families to settle in Slydale Hollow.  Being one of the larger families they have been quite influential in the community.
  Babblebrook Family

Rocky (father), Crystal (mother), Bubba (son), Breezy (daughter), Baby Coral, Baby Sandy
Another of the earliest settlers, the Babblebrook family is constantly growing, Rocky & Crystal have taken in several of their nieces to live in their home so the girls could have the benefit of family & go to the local school. They currently own the largest house in Slydale Hollow & have plans to build even larger to accommodate a possible Bed & Breakfast opportunity, which would allow Crystal to stay at home & take care of the babies while still earning an income & doing her favourite hobby, cooking!!
Wildwood family
Herb (father), Ginger (mother), Hollie (daughter), Rusty (son)
Cousins of the Babblebrooks, the Wildwoods have only moved to Slydale Hollow in the last few years, they love being surrounded by family & have made a lot of close friends here. 

Simpkins Family
Suzette (mother), Glen (son), Gwendolyn (daughter)
The Simpkins are another new family to 
Slydale Hollow. Suzette although new to the
town has already found work at the local bakery & 
Glenn & Gwen have made many friends at
the school. 

Chocolate-Tip Family
Frasier (father), Teri (mother), Freya (daughter), 
Coco (son), Baby Crème (daughter), Baby Kabe (son),
Baby Breeze (daughter)
The Chocolate-Tips only moved here this year, but are already
loving their new town.


Furbanks Family
Kenneth (father), Emma (mother), Baby Ambrose, Baby Alfie
Kenneth & Emma recently moved into "the Old Mill"
a lovely old windmill. They are raising their nephews Ambrose & Alfie, and they are enjoying
the antics only babies get up to. (especially squirrel babies who live in a windmill)
Kenneth's cousin Christopher owns the local "Water Mill Bakery" so they like to joke
that "owning mills must run in the family!"

Henry-Lloyd Family
Ben (father), Pippa (mother), Zac (son),
Sarah (daughter), Baby Wendy, Baby Tom
Ben is the fisherman of the village,
& loves to talk about his trade with any one
who will listen. Zac & Sarah love going on 
weekend fishing trips with their dad.

(I've updated a few things in this post so it's a little more accurate). 
* All names in this post are original names 


  1. What a wonderful website! (Btw, this is iloverats from the chat forum.) Such cute families! I especially love the Henry-Lloyd family. :)

  2. Thanks! I love the Henry-Llyods too, I've always loved 101 Dalmatians & they reminds me so much of the book.

  3. I like the descriptions you did of all the families. I agree, the Henry-Lloyds seem uber cute :)