Sunday, 22 April 2018

2018 Adelaide Hills Doll & Teddy Bear guild annual show

 This week my daughter & I went to the annual Doll & Teddy Bear show.
This years show was only small, but they still had very well made entries, & enough trading stalls to make it worth while.

The competition theme was "A Night at the Opera"

My favourite entry, a miniature room box.

The Competition Entries

Cutest entry in my opinion 

My Daughter is a teddy bear fan, & there was a trader there who makes all her own Teddies, she said she has about 400 in her house! 

Bear With Me trading stall

Some new Beanie friends

More Teddy stalls

Opal Babblebrook & her Aunt Lilly Bobtail accompanied us to the show & helped us find & pick out some miniatures to take home. I have a feeling these rabbits were thinking mostly about what Rocky & Crystal needed when picking things... oh & we found some new fabrics for the Brambles to use, trying to persuade them to steer away from the satins & silks popular so in town...


  1. Thanks for sharing, Chill! I´d love to have been there. The miniature room box is lovely! You bought cute miniatures. Nice fabrics and rug.

    1. Thank you! It was a good day. I can hardly wait to go to the miniatures show in August,

  2. I love miniature shows. Theres a large miniature and doll exhibition in york and nec a few times a year. I've only made it once.