Sunday, 16 February 2020

Lilly out & about

Recently I went walking in a local pine forest. 

Lily was over joyed! It’s been quite a while since she has had an adventure, & she misses it. 

So many enchanted places in the forest!

Until next time, we wish you all a safe, peaceful, prosperous 2020! 

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Still here

Just leaving a quick note to say that I am still here. Currently my hobbies are less about collecting Sylvanians & more about knitting/spinning/crocheting. You can find me on Instagram as @chrispe82
I do still enjoy my Sylvanian Families collection, & I intend to add a few more families to my village, including the Maple cats, new Persian cats & Alpaca families.

Wishing you all well.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Joanne in the countryside

Joanne was out enjoying the countryside today.

A local farmer bringing some Christmas cheer

There is an Australian Windmill in the background of this photo... 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Joanne, the Travelling Sylvanian 2018

Greeting from Slydale Hollow,
I know it has been quite some time since anyone has heard from me, but now I  write with great news! Joanne the travelling Sylvanian is here for a couple of weeks.

Joanne was met by her cousin Wirra Kaurna (pronounced Gana), who took her to meet The Billabong family, Wirra's adopted parents & where Joanne would be living during her stay in Slydale Hollow. The Billabong's live in a communal tree dwelling with the Outback koala family & the Totto monkey family.

 Wirra also introduced Joanne to her sister Mathilda Billabong, who is about the same age as Joanne & Wirra.

 while settling in Joanne met some of the other residents.

"Joanne, you can set up your SWAG here" said Wirra.
"What is a SWAG?" asked Joanne
"That's what we call a camping bed roll here." replied Mathilda

When set up was done the girls wanted to take Joanne to explore more of Slydale Hollow, so they went to their mum to ask if they could.
"Of course you can go & show Joanne around! Why don't you start with the Slydale's caravan?" Mrs.Billabong said
"YAY" shouted the girls & off they went.

 When they arrived at the Slydale's caravan they found Breezy Babblebrook there too

 Wirra introduced Joanne to everyone. Joanne, was pleased to meet them all, including Bramble the pony who pulls the caravan.

 Little Skitter was so excited he tried to jump into Joanne's arms!

And not wanting to be left out,  strawberry the foal pushed in for a pat!

Everyone was having a great time! But then Mrs.Babblebrook showed up to bring Breezy home. Went she saw Joanne, she immediately invite the girls to all come over for a little while & play.

At the Babblebrooks house Breezy's siblings were all having playdates with friends. Mrs.Babblebrook laughed & said "The more, the merrier I say!"

Breezy, Scarlette, Mathilda, Wirra & Joanne all went upstairs to play in Breezy's room. Soon it was time for the girls to head to their homes.

After a long day of meeting new people & exploring Joanne bounced into her bellroll/SWAG excited for the coming days, but also a little homesick. thinking thoughts like "my family would have loved it here."' & "I do miss my family a bit"

Mrs.Billabong came to tuck the girls in & kiss them goodnight.
"Joanne, I don't know how much you know about native Australian culture, but here at bedtime it's customary for the grownups to tell the children stories of the Dreamtime, stories that our ancestors told their children. So now I'm going to tell you some..."
That night Joanne fell asleep to stories about koalas, rainbow serpents, giant frogs & other Australian creatures...

(I have not put any actual DREAMTIME stories here out of respect to the Native tribes of this land where I live. If you want to know some of the stories there are many to be found on the internet)

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

New & bigger mole/Rabbit house.

I decided to build I bigger mole house & then my son had the great idea of adding a rabbit hole in the top. 

It was quite a good idea as it lets in more light. 

Today I added the final touches, wallpaper & furniture. 
It look very cosy doesn’t it! 

This one even has a flap on the back that you can close. 

Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Lovely Town Couple (JP).

Showing the box contents. 

It says: 

Cinnamon Rabbit 's older brother 

is Chocolate rabbit' s older sister 's boyfriend. A heart-friendly romantic that connects pictures and music. He says to Chocolate Rabbit older sister “I love you so much  and you can make everyone look nice with a wonderful surprise.”
They greet everyone in the town with a hello. 

Chocolate Rabbit older sister,

 A nice dress designer working in Town. I'm always thinking, "I'd like to have a nice presentation of time when I was wearing a dress." The big rose flower bouquet is a gift from a cinnamon rabbit brother. Fortunately walking hand in hand are the wonderful couple of dream weavers in the town.

Next to original “Stella” ie. Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister. 

These can “hold hands” with their special made paws. 

Sunday, 22 April 2018

2018 Adelaide Hills Doll & Teddy Bear guild annual show

 This week my daughter & I went to the annual Doll & Teddy Bear show.
This years show was only small, but they still had very well made entries, & enough trading stalls to make it worth while.

The competition theme was "A Night at the Opera"

My favourite entry, a miniature room box.

The Competition Entries

Cutest entry in my opinion 

My Daughter is a teddy bear fan, & there was a trader there who makes all her own Teddies, she said she has about 400 in her house! 

Bear With Me trading stall

Some new Beanie friends

More Teddy stalls

Opal Babblebrook & her Aunt Lilly Bobtail accompanied us to the show & helped us find & pick out some miniatures to take home. I have a feeling these rabbits were thinking mostly about what Rocky & Crystal needed when picking things... oh & we found some new fabrics for the Brambles to use, trying to persuade them to steer away from the satins & silks popular so in town...