Sunday, 8 April 2018

Opal & Winter's Autumn Adventure

Opal & Winter's Autumn adventure

This is a joint story by myself & my 5 year old & 2 year old sons.

one sunny Autumn day Opal Babblebrook was wandering around a park

then she met her friend Winter Evergreen

suddenly there was a loud noise nearby & a car appeared through the bushes!

& then another

& then there were more! Poor Opal was so surprised she fell flat on her face!

Opal & winter decided to move away from the noisy cars. 
Look it's a giant hopscotch game, the squares are bigger than we are! 

Come Opal I can hear those noisy cars again, let's climb this log to get away...

What on earth is that!!!

Oh no, I'm surrounded

Opal started climbing a tall tree. "Winter, they won't be able to reach us up here."

"Um Opal, are you sure about that?"

"Mm, I might have to rethink this!"

"here come the cars!"

"Let's walk through this long grass & maybe they won't follow us here."

"look I found a mushroom"

"Actually, I think it's a toadstool..."

"Here is the tallest, most difficult to climb rock, surely those cars can't get up here! Or can they?..."

"Please Stop running away," said the cars "We just want to be friends." 

"Ok, lets be friends" said Opal & Winter



  1. Aww, Chill! That´s so sweet!It´s great your children helped you with this story. I love pictures of Sylvanians in real nature and you took lovely photos. I really enjoyed Opal´s and Winter´s adventure. I´ve just realized is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere!

    1. Thanks Cutata!
      I love Sylvanians in nature too, as a child I used to play with them outside all the time.

      Autumn & Spring are my favourite seasons, & my birthday is not too far away, making this my favourite time of year!

  2. Well I've never seen a car climb a tree before! Opal and Winter must have been quite scared at first. I'm glad it all worked out in the end and the cars are friendly